Department of Trademarks & Licensing

Phases to Becoming an Officially Licensed Vendor

There are three phases to becoming a licensed vendor.

PHASE I: Complete and submit the CLC Licensing Application

Note: The first screen once you are on the application page where you are asked for your contact information is not the complete application, please complete the entire application to insure it is processed correctly.

PHASE II: Submit designs and/or samples incorporating the marks of the institution(s); obtain product liability insurance; purchase CLC holograms per the labeling requirements; complete product specification sheets; and complete Authorized Manufacturer’s Agreement (if applicable).

PHASE III: Execute the CLC Standard Retail Product License Agreement and the CLC Special Agreement regarding Labor Codes of Conduct; provide factory site disclosure, and pay all advance and administrative fees.


Old Main

PLEASE NOTE: The image of Old Main (including logos, photographs, renderings, paintings, etc.) is a trademark of the University of Arizona and may not be used without prior written authorization from The University of Arizona’s Office of Trademarks and Licensing.